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5 Money-Saving Tips for Your Home

Check Your Plugs – Here’s something you might not know: Plugged in toasters, coffeemakers, TVs and other electronic devices in your home actually use a small amount of electricity even when they’re not in use. By unplugging them when you’re not using these devices, you can save electricity and lower your utility bills. Go with […]

How to Avoid Buying More Home Than You Can Afford

You want to buy a new home. Now is a great time, as rates are still low compared to other points in history. It also gives you a spot in this world that’s yours to do whatever you want with. Nevertheless, in getting ready, there’s one really big question you want to make sure you […]

4 Great Reasons to Refinance in 2019

Are you looking to ditch mortgage insurance premiums? Perhaps you’re looking to pay off your mortgage faster? Do you want to consolidate credit card debt or pay for some home improvements? A home loan refinance could help answer all of these questions for you. Current rates are still very good. So you can definitely capture […]

Energy Efficient Guide: GreenChoice Mortgage

As the name implies, a “Green Mortgage” is an environmentally friendly type of home loan.  But how do you make a mortgage environmentally friendly? Also known as Energy Efficient Mortgage Programs, Green Mortgages are a special type of loans that are designed to make your home more energy efficient while saving you money at the same […]

4 Tips for Improving Your Credit!

If you’re in the market for a new home, it’s important to know your credit score. A good credit score can lead to a better interest rate on your mortgage, while a lower score might present some extra challenges. Are you feeling the need to improve your score? Here are a few things you can […]